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Delete search history, and delete the protected WebcacheV01.dat file used by Internet Explorer which stores your browsing history.

How do you clear your search history? By deleting the webcachev01 cache file. Web Browsers produced by Microsoft, such as Internet explorer 10 and Internet explorer 11, store browsing data into a protected file called the WebCacheV01.dat file. This file has been made difficult to delete by Microsoft, as it contains tracking data which is encrypted.

How to delete search history!

WebCacheKiller is an application which can delete this file easily, and as such will delete the browsing history of Internet Explorer. Even if you tell Internet Explorer to delete internet search history in settings, the file may still remain on the hard drive and intact.

Ever seen the Insufficient Disk Space warning!

WebcacheV01.dat can at times also be responsible for corrupting and crashing the Windows operating system. Ever had your Windows 10 freeze on you? It's not just Windows 10, but also Windows 8 and Windows 7 which contains this file. Have you ever seen the Insufficent Disk Space warning, and when the computer is checked, you find there is plenty of space. Well, yes, that sometimes is the WebCacheV01.dat file again.

A spy in our midst, how to erase browsing history?

A file which monitors and records your Web Browsing history is a major concern. Ever wondered why its recorded? Well I guess that's for Microsoft to know. Anyway, if you're not happy having your computer record websites that you visit, then maybe you should think about removing this file. WebCacheKiller will delete web browser history completely.

how do i delete my browsing history?

Even after the file is deleted, it will still be re-generated by Internet Explorer. So WebCacheKiller has the ability to automatically delete this file at regular intervals, not like Internet Explorer. You can assured that the WebCacheV01.dat is killed while Internet Explorer is being used, and nothing is recorded. WebCacheKiller will erase browsing history completely and clear cache in ie 10 and 11.

Furthermore, WebCacheKiller can start when windows starts. It minimizes to the system tray and runs in the background. It's a novice friendly and simple app which does exactly what it says. No more asking the question 'how do you clear your search history'. WebCachekiller is compatible with Windows 7,8 and 10.

Erase search history of internet explorer completely.

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Why kill the WebCachev01.dat file?

Starting with Windows 7, Internet explorer changed the way it stored its private browsing data. This includes the search history, which is known as the browsing history. A file that records your online activities is a major security risk. Internet explorer stores this file in the internet cache which is hidden and protected and Windows makes it almost impossible to delete this file, but with WebCacheKiller, you can clear internet history easily.

Even after you have deleted the WebcacheV01.dat file, Internet Explorer will continue to save your browsing data, and re-generate the Webcache.dat file. Quite simply, you need to delete all search history at regular intervals. Fortunately, WebCache Killer offers a function that enables you to delete this file automatically, and this action can be performed upon launch without requiring user input. How to clear cache in ie 10 is easily answered now.Erase google history automatically.

Furthermore, the application can be added to the Windows startup list, and it is minimized to the system tray automatically.

WebCacheKiller can also be triggered externally by the detection of a user produced file.

Released in May 2016 it is compatible with the very latest Windows 10 OS, as well as Windows 8 and Windows 7.

This product is not free, so you can be assured that it is not packed full of Malware or viruses. Thats guaranteed...

Erase internet history quickly with WebCacheKiller.